Sidemeat is the faithful sidekick and cook to Riders In The Sky. He was initially created for the Riders' first television series, Tumbleweed Theater, but later made appearances in the Riders' live appearances and albums. He is portrayed by Fred LaBour (Too Slim).

In Riders Radio Theater (1988-1995) Edit

Sidemeat was the first character outside of Riders In The Sky to appear on Riders Radio Theater. He was introduced in the first episode, Meltdown on the Mesa 101, when came out and told the audience about the "cry of the sidekick" and sang Sidekick Heaven with Woody Paul and Ranger Doug, where he described his dream where he met Gabby Hayes, who took gave him a tour of Sidekick Heaven.

Notable Songs Performed By Sidemeat Edit

  • Sidekick Heaven
    Sidekick Heaven by Sidemeat06:54

    Sidekick Heaven by Sidemeat

  • Reincarnation
    Reincarnation by Sidemeat03:46

    Reincarnation by Sidemeat

  • Biscuit Blues
    Biscuit Blues by Sidemeat03:26

    Biscuit Blues by Sidemeat

  • Let Us Now Praise Gabby Hayes
Let Us Now Praise Gabby Hayes by Sidemeat01:54

Let Us Now Praise Gabby Hayes by Sidemeat

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